The Navigator

is a web based application for both PC and smart phones. The Navigator is a marketing tool designed to help our business partners when presenting our gold savings product Core. The Navigator contains Powerpoint presentations, information videos, documents and other practical functions.


Our Core Product

The Core Tariff is an investment and savings product for precious metals which has been specially created by Auvesta for AuPartners business concept. The Core tariff provides an easy, secure and practical way for people to enjoy the possibility of saving and owning precious metals.


Precious metals are for sure the most exciting investment and savings opportunity in modern time.


AuPartners our Marketing Community

AuPartners markets savings in gold and other precious metals in partnership with the German gold company Auvesta Edelmetalle AG, located in Holzkirchen, Germany. AuPartners role is to support and develop Auvesta’s marketing efforts by creating an interest in precious metals and educate people about the benefits of having an inflation proof asset with great potential to increase in value. The reason for the expected value increase is the declining supply of rare metals that in the long term will not be able to meet the market’s demand.


Auvesta our Partner

Auvesta Edelmetalle AG is our partner and service provider. Auvesta is located in Holzkirchen, Germany and recognised as a top gold trader and provider of secure storage. Their ethics, innovativity, high level of service and unique products gives us a strong platform for conducting our marketing efforts. They give us the markets most secure and transperent savings products